Friday, July 29, 2011

Nnamdi Asomugha signs with Philadelphia Eagles!

A most wanted free-agent, by many regarded as a best CB in a league now reportedly agrees to sign with Philadelphia Eagles. Now Eagles possess three top CB in whole NFL, good luck Romo and Eli! It is comes in as a surprise as everyone thought that Nnamdi is 99% in Jets, however Eagles

did well and hijacked the deal. Great move for Eagles, that pushes them into one of the favorites for a Super Bowl. Well played by Eagles, as it is a huge surprise for everyone, especially after acquiring Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Not only Eagles beat Jets, but also their fierce rivals from Dallas Cowboys, this like the signature of Cliff Lee to Phillies.

Since now Eagles have 3 top CB, it is believed that Asante is going to be traded, however, it is going to be hard, because of the huge salary Asante has.

 Nonetheless, well played Eagles!


  1. he's a human being not an eagle.....

  2. dang, could u have imagined him going to the jets and there defence getting even better... dang

    and to answer your question on if im getting BF3- i was watching videos on it the other day and it looks badass. i think im going to get it, but with MW3 and skyrim coming out idk if i want to spend 180$ in the matter of a couple months. unfortunately i agree with you 100% about Activion and how they are only in it for the money and not the superb game-play like in MW1.