Friday, July 22, 2011

The Future of Manchester City - Tevez Saga

  Manchester City, a soccer club that is perhaps the most hated team in whole soccer world. In reality, it doesn't matter if you hate them or not, because they are the force everyone has to recognize and whether you like it or not, people want to read about their next big star signings, as well as all the transfer rumors surrounding them.
  Moving on to the upcoming season, I see at as a huge stepping stone to a possible greatness, but there are many obstacles on their way to a top. One of these obstacles of course is the future of the captain of a team(at least for now),Carlos Tevez, who continually wants to leave Manchester, as he is too far from his family, as well as that he finds the City of Manchester to be quite a "boring" town. It is a pity for many fans of the club, as he was quite a prolific sniper for a team scoring 20 goals in 28 appearances in English Premier League, thus leading team to a 3rd place and automatic qualification for Champions League. But he wants to leave, and I believe that he should leave and let Mancini move on without him, as it not going to work out after all that has been said.
  However, because Brazilian Corinthians could not even provide the first payment for Tevez, the deal felt through and now there no other options for Tevez in South America, where he preferred to go because of his family. So, surely newspapers rapidly started speculating about the new deals, so I take look at them for you and think about the benefits of them for Tevez and for Manchester City.

Options available(rumors of course)
  1. Tevez to Real Madrid  ---  Well, it has been known for a while now that Real is looking for a new striker and I surely see that he can play in Real under Mourinho, but it is believed that Mourinho is more interested in Neymar, so I think this deal is unlikely to happen. For Tevez, this deal would be a good one, as he would move to a sunny Madrid and be slightly closer to Argentina.
  2. Tevez to Inter in exchange for Sneijder  ---  In my opinion, this deal would be great for Manchester CIty, as they will get a world class play maker, that they are lacking right now in the middle-field position. For Tevez, fashion capital - Milan, would be a much more entertaining city. I think this deal is quite possible with recent changes to Inter, since new manager, Gasperini, plays with 3 strikers and does not use a play maker. So I'll rate it as definitely possible one.
  3. Tevez to Barca or Juventus --- Juventus does not have money for him, plus Turin is worse than Manchester. Barcelona has gotten their man already with purchase of Sanchez and now need money for Fabregas. So this deals are not going to happen this summer.
So, not that many choices for Tevez, but more information appears every day, so anything can happen.
I will keep updating on what my thoughts are on Tevez, but in my second part on the Manchester City, I will write about the players that will have to step in to substitute Tevez, as well as possible new signings. Tell me what you think of my first work and have a good day.

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