Friday, July 29, 2011

House of Representatives about to take a vote on Boehner's debt-ceiling bill - Updating

6:00 PM EST - As it appears, the vote is near and it is believed it should pass the House, but it still largely unknown what Senate is going to do.

6:05 PM EST - Democrat tried to delay with provisional vote, which was defeated by Republicans quickly.

6:09 PM EST - The vote has started, 15 mins for voting.

6:12PM EST - 192  out of 216 needed right now, 12 of Republicans against the bill. Democrats 182 votes against.

6:14PM EST - 205 for bill now, 29 people did not vote yet, 21of them Republicans.

6:18PM EST - 5 minutes to go, bill needs 4 more votes, 18 people did not vote yet.

6:20PM EST - 218 votes reached, 4 minutes left, if anyone changes their mind, which is unlikely.

6:25PM EST - Bill has officially passed the House, 218 for vs 210 against. None of Democrats has voted for the bill. Now, it is a time for Senate and White House to step it up and try not to kill it, but actually negotiate with Republicans on it. it is not in Obama's interest to lead the country in default!!!

Democrats in Senate say that bill will be "dead on arrival in a Senate".

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