Friday, July 29, 2011

A New Addition to Manchester City

  It is official, Aguero will be joining Manchester City F.C. and will be wearing the jersey with a number 16. The fee is reported to be the exact number that Atletico Madrid wanted of £38 million. It is rumored that he will be making from £150,000 to £200,000 a week.

Now, after all that official information, I will try to see how he fits in the system.

He is definitely not Tevez, but he is very similar to him. Tevez with his aggression and physical built for his size, is a perfect fit for EPL. Aguero on the other hand is not as physically built, however he still aggressive and technically very good. Aguero knows how to score and he knows how to assist others, which is great for Manchester City, as potentially Aguero along with Dzeko or Balotelli can bring lots of points for the City. Perhaps, if Tevez doesn't leave, City can enjoy an Argentinian duo up-front, which would be very interesting to see. Also, from what I observed, Aguero seems to be more of a team player, as opposed to Tevez, who likes to be a leader on the field and at times trying to do too much by himself. For the City team that forming right now, I think it is important to a build a good foundation of team that will feel comfortable together and will be able to pass ball around in a similar way as Barca does.

In conclusion, I think it is a great transfer for Manchester City and a great transfer for whole EPL, as we get one of the biggest players out there, making this league better and more entertaining to watch.

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